We believe that people, no matter who they are, what they do or where they come from, benefit hugely from getting out on the water. Those benefits are not just in terms of health but also for the wellbeing and positive effects of living in the moment.

It is our aim to help people achieve that, whether exploring new places on an extended cruise or simply finding the time for a quick break.

Whether you are looking for a great addition to your yacht with the latest innovative tenders, toys and towables, for high quality leisure and entertainment whilst onboard, or for more general fun and excitement on the water, Grosvenor Beach Club is here to help. With a wide range of innovative, imaginative and exciting products as our repertoire, we can help bring your thoughts to fruition and assist you in fulfilling your dreams.

Time to build memories.

Let us welcome you to a new way of living.

Choose your Experience

Your choice of yacht tender, towable or selection of toys depends entirely upon you and your guests’ favourite activities. Whether you are looking for new experiences, thrills and adventures, to master a new sport or perhaps simply to relax and socialise in the warm sunshine with the water at your feet. Let us know what type of tender or toy below most appeals to you and we will tailor the ideal package to suit your space and your budget.

Active and Adventurous

Yacht slides, inflatable climbing walls, water playgrounds, wakeboards, towables and underwater drones… A myriad of ways to lift your spirits, stretch your muscles and share your adventures!

Discovery and Exploration

Striking out across the bay, powering over the chop or gliding silently through undiscovered coves. Whether in or out of the water, carrying passengers or alone, the choice is yours.

Lounging and Docking

Relaxing on your own private ‘island’, securely and safely docking your watercraft or extending your leisure space onto the water and entertaining your guests. You can select exactly what you need whilst your crew have products that are easy to assemble, simple to maintain and practical to store.

In addition to their reputations for quality, many of our yacht tenders and toy manufacturers have won awards and accolades for their designs, pushing boundaries and challenging perceptions on a daily basis. We are truly honoured to share these fantastic innovations, bringing to you experiences that are truly unforgettable.

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